custom interfaces

If in-house applications require interaction with MX, why not do it directly, via a programmatic interface?

financial workflows can address this gap!

Be it MxML Exchange or other, non-MX software component, we can customize and tune while not compromizing on, but in full support of efficiency, maintenance and ease of use.

For various interactions we have already developed packaged clients that can be utilized to implement specific business logic via programmatic interfaces.

  • Market operations
    • Cancel & Reissue
    • ´╗┐Early Termination
  • Import / export
    • Security (bond, equity, long and short future)
    • Trade
    • Counterpart
    • Portfolio
  • Trade query, with optional filter
    • Market data and GMP
      • Import to / export from database
      • Upload to / download from real-time service
      • Transfer from real-time to database.


    Please consider that your Murex license may stipulate restrictions, making utilization of such interfaces subject to a licensing fee.