flex api

We are a company with proven expertise in dealing with Flex API. We guarantee our effective corporate engagement in favor of your project. Ideally, we would be entrusted with all aspects of work, functional or technical, related to Flex and would drive and manage, reporting to your PMO.

Technically, we already have a reliable, extensible framework designed and implemented for the Rates and Curve API. Our solution aims at the ideal of being an Abstraction Layer, however, with no limitation to conventional use and deployment, and to this end has built-in and ready-to-use features.

Below are some of the features of our solution, an indicator of how our engagement could benefit your project.

  • Segregated, compartmentalized code per model, instrument or curve
  • Data dictionary functionality for any mapping that may be required
  • XML configuration
  • Exception handling
  • Utility classes for accessing Murex objects

The framework is built on solid C++ features and Design Patterns, and it imposes a consistent, natural structure on the entire client development in favour of lean code and low maintenance.

For example, registering models with MX is inherently handled and is not the task of the implementer of a model.