Our services within the SAP field are around SAP Banking Services. This area is where we see ourselves among the strong providers in the market.

SAP Banking is the central standard solution for the financial services industry. SAP provides, for example, software components for account and payment processing, the loans business, collateral management and components for the Bank Analyzer.

Our solution-design practice has proven to be a winner in critical projects. The same insight making us quite good in design also enables to be also quite good in executing the implementation phase along with all project management measures that it takes towards another success story.

  • Account Management (FS-AM)
  • Master Contract Management (FS-MCM)
  • DispoOffice (FS-PCO-AM)
  • Collateral Management (FS-CMS)
  • Business Partner (FS-BP)
  • Bank Analyzer (FS-BA)